Cleanse, Align & uplift Crystal Set // Hematite Citrine & Kyanite

  • $44.00

3 beautiful minerals coming together for more clarity, positivity and alignment ✨


• Strong grounding energy
• cooling and calming the body
• helps develop focus and concentration 

• connects to the root chakra and balancing your physical connection to the earth

• natural circulation ~ bring powerful strong and stimulating qualities 


• aura purification and alignment 

• mental clarity, third eye chakra balance 

• clears energy blockages

• bridges physical & spiritual connection 

• increases confidence in communication and expression ones truth 


:: CITRINE :: 

• increases mental clarity, focus & alignment of ones expression.

• inspires creative ideas and taking action with vitality and courage 

• true positive energy and connected to the vibration of the sun 

• connected to the solar plexus and sacral chakras 


Minerals will come home with the healing properties for you keep and a gift of gratitude from us 🧙‍♀️


For this package we will do Flat rate PRIORITY MAIL  which will ensure faster and safer deliveries 🍃