Intuitive vision crystal set // Apatite, moon Quartz, aventurine amethyst & black jade

  • $22.00

Intuitive vision Set :: for daily rituals and intentions  

This bundle came together with the inspiration of it being an elemental collection for psychic protection & expansion for the inner knowing to grow~

BLACK JADE from Arizona ~ connecting you to the earth, releasing fear, & building inner strength 

AMETHYST ~ spiritual protection , healing on all levels, inspiration, & calm energy. 

AVENTURINE ~ joyful heart opening prosperity & abundance

APATITE ~ deeper insight of the subconscious and intuitive visions / manifestations 

MOON QUARTZ ~ cleansing uplifting & renewing the spiritual connection, amplifying clarity & clairvoyance


comes home with the stone info to keep and a gift of gratitude ✨