Golden Aura Kyanite // Black Kyanite with golden aura // crystals and gemstones

  • $55.00

|| << || << || << Golden Aura Kyanite sparkling spirals of gold into our auric field >> || >> || >> || This magical gemstone is a natural black kyanite that was aurified with a natural golden dust. these natural Black Kyanites are from brazil- then brought into our friends warehouse & aurified by a select few aura artists! this process combines the metal and gemstone in a magnetic heating process to bond the two // the energies co-create together in a high frequency dance with your energy field ~~ taking you to new levels of conciousness. They can be powerful cleansing and overall healing tools to use in your meditation, yoga, healing, or spiritual practices. + these are very rare minerals that we feel blessed to have come into our energy field! ::BLACK KYANITE:: +Balance +Purification +Grounding +healing emotional issues +clears blocked energies ::GOLD-en AURA:: +solar energy +creativity +confidence +vitality +encourages optimism & courage +nobility & determination +positive activation of the lower chakras === // === // === // === // === this crystal measures to 2.85'' long and 1.2'' wide it weighs 1 oz if you have anymore questions about this gemstone please message us & we will respond shortly~ thanks for peeking at our magical mystical oasis! have a wonderful holiday season. // << :: << :: >> :: >> // G a r d e n G y p s y C o l l e c t i v e C a s & L o u :: S T A Y I N T O U C H :: _^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^ sign up for our newsletter here -->> get 10% off any teeki order here -->> <<>><<>><<>><<>><<>> ::<<::>>::<<::>>::<<::>>::>>::