Moldavite & Muonionalusta Meteorite Pendant

  • $222.00

Super high vibing extra terrestrial jewelry ~ harnessing the energy from far beyond this earthly realm 

We have two of these unique designs available from our collection of Moldavite jewelry~

made with a beautifully natural etched Muonionalusta Meteorite & Tumbled Moldavite chips 


necklace comes with a sterling silver chain to keep! or if you would like a tan brown or black cord we can do that as well. just leave us a note of what you prefer in the notes at checkout <3 


+ rapid transformation
+ high frequency energy
+ chakra activating
+ cleansing // purifying
+ synchronistic alignment
+ change on all levels

Muonionalusta METEORITE
+ elevating the consciousness
+ clearing negativity
+ inner peace
+ grounding the root
+ expanding the crown

all jewelry and packages come with a gift of gratitude & wrapped in faerie magic with love!