Charoite Choker necklace

  • $30.00

listing for one beautiful Charoite necklace, paired with copper chain to lay perfectly below the throat chakra ⭐️

Measures to 17” around the neck~ can be adjusted smaller or larger with a small request at checkout! 

Metaphysical properties of Charoite 

• powerful protection  

• revealing ones path of service with clarity 

• purging of inner negativity 

• assists in energetic boundaries & interpretation of psychic information 

• stimulates intuitive and psychic abilities, clears negativity & assists one in becoming a more effective healer/channel of light.

• helps strengthen the body & energy field by grounding the high frequency energy into the physical systems.    


All jewelry comes with a life time offering of care & repair of anything that ever happens or if we need to resize it! 💫