Rhodochrosite & Turquoise Necklace // pendant with soft cord

  • $33.00

R h o d o c h r o s i t e & 

t u r q u o i s e


there is something super special about this combination of gemstones because I keep wanting to create necklaces with these two! Such a beautiful heart opening vibration ~ bringing {wholeness} {clarity} {emotional healing} & {joy} 

made with a soft mint green cord that matches perfectly - paired with brass metals to bring a pop of sunshine 🌞

this is a shorter necklace that lays between the heart & throat chakras 


handmade with love & one of a kind gemstones used! All gathered from our travels. These pink rhodo’s are from Tucson two years ago when we got to see a whole room full of it with the mine right owner 💖🍉🌺🌷🌸 so beautiful!!!


Comes wrapped in faerie magical packaging & a gift from us! Also includes gemstone healing information to keep too.