*RARE* Arizona Moon Quartz tumbled

  • $7.77

Listing is for one of these beautiful Arizona Moon Quartz tumbles ☁️ Found in a rare location outside of Sedona AZ

. (( each stone is approx 1-1.5” )) . 

they are called moon Quartz because they have a unique structure in them that has a strong optical effect similar to what is found in high quality moonstone! when you shine a lazer through it, it shines out in all directions! 🌟

M O O N 🌕Q U A R T Z 

Calming the mind

Cleansing the vision

Gaining new insight

Amplifies healing energy

Increasing Inspiration

& visions on your higher potential  



comes with information of the stone for your keeping & a little garden gypsy gift 🌼


thanks for taking a look around our garden 🌺