Natural Spirit Quartz from South Africa

  • $18.00

Iron white Spirit Quartz from South Africa~ 100% consciously sourced and hand picked by a crystal friend of ours! 

this one has 3 beautiful points all clustered together 


Spirit Quartz is a multifaceted mineral & such a wonder to add to your collection~


healing properties:

• grounding & protective 

• cleansing the aura & emotional body 

• Connecting the base chakra & third eye to ground spiritual insight into every day patterns 

• helps release deeply held emotions, memories or dis-ease.

• stabilizes and purifies the environment 

• amplifying pure intentions


crystal comes home with the heating properties to keep & a small gratitude gift 💫


This crystal is a bigger spirit Quartz from this collection but still generally average size~ exact weight coming soon!! 🧚‍♀️