RARE Sunshine Aura Spirit Amethyst Quartz from South Africa // Spirit Quartz // Aura Spirit Quartz // Aura crystal cluster

  • $133.00

Rainbow light infusion from this sparkly Sunshine Spirit Aura Quartz <3 This lovely specimen is found in its natural state in South Africa, and it was treated in a US facility that aurifies crystals in conscious work environments. +) The aurification process is truly remarkable and becoming quite an artistry for fellow gem lovers! The process is made in a special vapor chamber that allows pure metal dusts to attach to the crystal naturally from the heat and co-create a vibrational energy that is very conductive. Metals mixed with minerals is how some of the worlds top technological discoveries are functioning. And being the powerful humans that we are, working with these crystals can truly direct energy in a profound way. Sunshine Spirit Aura Quartz <3 + crystal of initiation & profound multi-dimensional shift + activates your solar power house & creative life force + cleansing and energetic + illuminates your confidence center and courage to shine your light. + deep awareness and insight towards creating the reality you want to thrive in + stimulating creative ability and ideas that assist actions towards your highest potential measures to be approx 4'' long and 2'' wide. weighs 4.1oz this is an extremely rare crystal in our collection right now and we got it directly from the facility where they aurafied it we feel honored to have held space and be in the presence of its illuminating energy & whomever feels called to this crystal will be a lucky one to have it in their collection! <3 this is a one of a kind creation for sure. <><><><><><><><><><><><><> If you have any other questions regarding this stone please feel free to reach out in a message to us! we appreciate you taking the time to check out our crystalline collection ~ <><><><><><><><><><><><><> keep in touch with us on instagram @GardenGypsy_Collective or Sign up for our newsletter here --> http://eepurl.com/bMiejL With love always from Mama Cas & Stephy Lou Flower