Smoky Iron Spirit Quartz // Garden Gypsy Collective

  • $17.00

<< Smoky Iron Spirit Quartz >> A beautiful grey crystallized quartz point found in the Magaliesberg Mountain Region of South Africa. It also grows in hues of white, violet and golden yellow. (( This particular one is a big point and at the top it looks like little twins <3 its super magical. its energy is vibrant ~ grounding and inspiring!! )) { metaphysical information} +This iron infused Smoky Spirit Quartz works to activate the Base chakra & align with the Third Eye ~~ it grounds your spiritual awareness more into your everyday life. This crystal has been known to be a stone of protection, cleansing, and integration. It can be highly beneficial in any work that involves exploring the subconscious mind. Smoky Spirit Quartz can also assist in cleansing the subtle bodies and removing karmic and emotional debris. It may also assist a healthy rebirthing process for the soul. + Smoky Spirit Quartz can also be a marvelous tool for releasing deeply held emotions, traumatic memories or states of dis-ease, including those passed down the ancestral line. ~~~ + ~~~ + ~~~ + ~~~ measures to 1.75''in and weighs 0.8oz <3 Comes home to you wrapped carefully to ensure its safety! + aLSO includes a sweet note reminding you of the stone information. ~~~ + ~~~ + ~~~ + ~~~ message us with any questions about our crystal collection here or at <3 with love always, lou lou flower & lotus mama cas