Spirit Amethyst • South Africa

  • $44.00


High Quality unique crystal point covered in natrial little facets ~ 

Hand picked from South Africa ✨ this is the only location that they are known to be found.

{ spirit amethyst • properties }

+ activates the higher chakras & helps bring more spiritual energy in your awareness

+ provides multi-dimensional healing

+ helps one let go of fear and worries 

+ expands compassion & kindness

+ helpful to use in transitional periods, difficult times, grief, etc. 

+ amplifies your creative vision and passion 




spirit amethyst is a special one to work with and provides one with many new doors to open on a spiritual level ✨


comes home to you wrapped carefully with information on the Crystal for you to keep! And a few faerie blessings/surprises from us 🧚‍♀️