Twin Cosmic Spirit Aura Quartz with Titanium Aura (( AND MAGIC )) Garden Gypsy Collective

  • $22.00

~ cosmic kittty twin ~

(( R A i N B O W )) A U R A S P I R I T Q U A R T Z
+ activates all the energy centers
+ life force manifesting
+ vibrant energy
+ zest for life
+ excitement
+ helps one release negative emotions
+ aids in letting go of karmic ties
+ master healer crystal

When combining Spirit Quartz with this aurafication process it creates abundant harmonies with your chakras~ charging them up after cleansing and aligning them to a higher degree because Metal is such an activator and generator.

You can really feel the power of magic and mystery go through you when working with this piece.

(( We also cleanse all the crystals before we send them off to their new home.
Plus it comes with an information card.))



Cas & Lou