Balance gemstone set // Black Jade and moon quartz

  • $13.33

Divine balance in the purest form coming together to bring you in to harmony 

:: both of these amazing minerals are a rare find we are blessed to have and share with you! These are from the direct land owner where these come from on a private land outside of Sedona AZ << they are both such wonderful stones and a perfect pair to work together.


~ powerful stone for protection & clearing negativity
~ this stone is very helpful for one dealing with crisis & one wishes not to get swept up in the fear consciousness— but use that personal power to put forth the most conscious actions and efforts
~ it can rid your energy of fear, doubt, anger,hatred,  and other destructive emotions. 
~ it allows the unconscious mind in releasing traumatic memories and patterns 
~ this stone is also very helpful for deep soul work and shamanic journeys. The energy of the Sedona energy portals is blessed into its energetic frequecy it emits.
~ balancing the masculine energy within 



~ has a similar energy to clear Quartz and moonstone 
~ cleansing the mind uplifting the spirit and bringing harmony to your light 
~ this is a super rare find and only from one location
~ tapping you into your intuition and sensitive abilities 
~ it helps release negativity, emotional burdens and helps one stretch their energy into new patterns
~ moon Quartz can also increase your visions and creativity, or help you find clarity on what your manifesting.
~ also assists balancing the feminine energy within


* package will come with the healing properties and information to keep & a small gift of gratitude from us! * 

*listing is for 1 moon quartz & 1 black jade 

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