PINK OPAL // Peruvian Opal // Tumbled Gemstone

  • $6.00

Listing for one beautiful tumbled gemstone
:: PINK OPAL :: From Peru

<< blossoming with our emotional bodies>>
<< healing past tramuas that have burdened our loving hearts >>

Pink Opal Healing
>> Clears and calms the heart, bringing a sense of tranquility to your aura. It is excellent for children or anyone that struggles with sleeping. It brings peace and release to ones heart.. allowing one to let go of past trauma, tension and stress still in the memory/auric field. It can be very helpful for those who have excessive fear, worry and anxiousness. Pink Opal is also useful in dissipating stress and allowing one to become more emotionally centered and calm. It also is very physically soothing to the heart. Also helpful if your having an irregular heart beat or overactive heart beat~ this will really calm and cure those peaks of energy. <3 <3

comes with the healing properties for you to keep and small gift of gratitude from us!