Spiritual grounding crystal set // copper, nummite, turquoise & moon Quartz

  • $26.00

Beautiful crystal set made to infuse into your self love practice ✨ 

These gems wanted to come together to be a little tool kit to use when you are reflecting within and expanding your spiritual awareness ~

{COPPER} from the UP Michigan 

• cleansing and purifying the body of toxins 
• grounding in the physical body to be clear and centered for amplifying your highest manifesting abilities 

{MOON QUARTZ} from Arizona

• amplifying the intuitive abilities
• cleansing out emotional burdens
• awakening more visions and creative expression
• deep healing of the subconscious energies and infusing strong light to your purpose 

{NUUMMITE} from Greenland 

• personal magic & the deep inner journey 

• enhancing clairvoyance 

• attuning to the elemental forces 

• achieving self mastery 

• said to be the sorcerers stone and one of the oldest minerals

• a combination of apophyllite and gedrite minerals 

{TURQUOISE} from South Africa

• spiritual connection and protection 

• wholeness of mind body and spirit balance 

• communication and spiritual expansion 

• represents the wisdom that comes from all life’s experiences 

• this is a stone honored by many shamans, leaders and sacred teachers around the world. 


this bundle will come with the healing properties to keep and little garden gypsy gift of gratitude 

~ thank you for looking at our garden ~