Ethiopian Opal RING // Sterling Silver

  • $90.00

one of a kind ring~ SIZE 8

Opal is such a marvelous stone~ you can get lost in its dreamy energy just by looking at it. 

They say that opal is one you are to gift to someone or receive as a gift from someone else~ For good luck. old folk lore I guess 🧝🏻‍♀️


this is an awesome sturdy sterling silver ring! The band is super thick all the way through so it really should last a long time with good care. Stone is set in there perfectly and has some beautiful color to it!

•sterling shouldn’t tarnish much~ but over time it might need a shine! So get yourself a jewelry cloth to keep it nice sparkly clean✨✨

•brings strong spiritual light into the aura
•opens up the mind to new hopes & wishes
•enhances cosmic awareness and psychic abilities
•assists in clarity of the mind and decision making