Kambaba Jasper Palm Stone

  • $20.00

K A M B A B A : J A S P E R 

(( tumbled palm stone )) 


+Calming & Tranquil

+Supporting one during changes

+Deepening the connection to Earth

+Soothing the chaos in thoughts

+Pulling and bring out Ancient truths

+Spiral cleansing feels (from the Orbital markings)

+Finding more ground in the physical

+from Madagascar

+Earth Element

+Root Chakra

This listing is for the magical piece of Kambaba pictured above. A perfect sized palm piece for crystal layout or alters.


Blessings from the Moon and the Stars

..<< Stephy Lou & Mama Cas >>..

+G a r d e n G y p s y C o l l e c t i v e+


S t a y I n T o u c h