Amethyst & Orange Garnet Stackable Gemstone Bracelet

  • $35.00

Powerful combination of Hessonite Garnet & Deep violet Amethyst~ 

these stones together create such an inspiring energy overall.

+ Hessonite Garnet is a powerful passion stone. It stimulates your creative drive and helps you take action on your most sacred inspirations. 
+ Amethyst is a potent stone of healing, protection, insight and vision enhancement. It can be very stimulating for the third eye and inspiring new ideas to come through. 
+ The combination of these minerals creates a harmonious blend that can really bring your creative passions to life.


one of a kind bracelet made in the size SM/MED
(pretty universal size unless you know for sure you have a bigger wrist or super small dainty bones) AND you can always message us to size adjust!! Just leave a note or email us. 



comes with a small gift of gratitude along with a lifetime care offering! we can change the string in a few years for a refresh, we can resize if its a gift. whatever it is ~ just always feel free to connect and reach out! we love our customers