Aquarius Bundle Set

  • $45.00

Aquarius Bundle Set

The air sign that can carry water 
Universal Truth Seeker

Birthdays from January 20th -February 18th

This bundle set includes

  • two types of Amethyst
  • Angelite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Labradorite
  • Blue Celestite
  • Quartz
  • Moonstone & Wood stretchy bracelet (bracelet is on the smaller size, but we will make it to the size you need just let us know!)

Aquarius is here to help evolve humankind. They are here to help invent the future. Amethyst is the teachers teacher. Amethyst will assist Aquarius find balance between being too fixed and too flexible. It will assist to honor the subconscious and give Aquarius the drive to share their desire to bring about social change and the fighting for justice.

Angelite is a perfect stone for Aquarius to ignite their creativity on how to bring about the actions to create the new earth. Angelite is highly connected to the angel realm- the realm of the future- of the dreams. Aquarius’s will use this stone to share their thoughts with compassion and bring that verbal excitement for others to ground into the now future. Blue (Angelite) is the color of communication.

Chrysocolla brings stability to an Aquarius’s emotions. Being an air sign, sometimes Aquarius feels emotions for others before themselves. It will help find emotional freedom from others and allow their focus to be on yourself. It will also help an Aquarius to emotional trust another person as well. Finding sage space can be found with the help of Chrysocolla.

Labradorite protects an Aquarius’s power while helping others shift into the Age of Aquarius.  Labradorite assist them into sharing their link to cosmic consciousness and bring about transformation the universe needs.

Blue Celestite has a vibration of spiritual peace. It is a stone that will jump start the spiritual development an Aquarius needs. It will dispel illusions and link an Aquarius to its intuitive wisdom. To us, it seems Blue Celestite is the perfect stone for an Aquarius to shine its gifts.

Quartz will help a scattered Aquarius find organization. It is the universal stone for a universal Aquarius, helping in the areas that need assistance.

The moonstone bracelet is made with stretchy string and wooden beads. Moonstone is a stone for “new beginnings”  so it is perfect to assist in your tasks to help with the visions of the future. It is also a perfect stone to balance emotions to help enhance your psychic abilities. Moonstone will give an Aquarius the peace to accept its gifts. It will help find the power to build empathy to others who struggle to see the excitement of the future. Be the divine path weaver!! The dreamy future seeker!


Many blessings!!!

This set will be cleansed before shipping and will come with the information on all the stones.

With so much love

Cas & Lou