Blue Calcite from Mexico

  • $20.00

Soft earthy sky Blue Calcite from Mexico ~ ethically sourced and handpicked by the family we bought it from in Tucson!

BLUE CALCITE ~ one of the most calming & soothing stones to the emotional body. It relieves anxiety and calm nerves. It softens external stimuli & allows one to feel in control of themselves and their emotions. It clears the throat chakra to ease into the gentle flow of creative ideas and clear communications.

+ nice size medium raw gemstone 

perfect to use in
~ meditation & yoga practice
~ massage / energy healing
~ sacred alter space 
~ crystal energy grids 
~ faerie gardens 
& more! 




comes home cleansed and charged with love & light~

wrapped carefully to ensure safe travelling
& includes a small gift from us !! 


thanks for looking at our crystalline garden!! 


sincerely, your crystal faeries!! <3       
cas & lou