Brighten :: botanical aroma mist

  • $12.00

🌻 B R I G H T E N 🌻

we are so excited to have this aroma mist back in stock! This is an OG garden gypsy blend we crafted a few years ago and it’s one of our all time earthy citrus favs!  


{ energizing } { uplifting } { focus } { cleansing } 


included in this blend is:








All the yummy smells you can bring on the go for an extra mood booster! 

Bottle is 4oz 

& comes with a little gift from us! 

all oils used in this blend are 100% pure therapeutic grade ~ DOTERRA ~ if you’d like to learn more about this amazing oil company please reach out!!! We love sharing our passion for Essential oil medicine 💗💗💗💗