Capricorn Bundle Set

  • $47.00

Capricorn bundle set

This beautiful curated set is for those born between December 22 through January 19th


Capricorns are the Cardinal Earth signs

The Goat


This set includes

  • Onyx & Snowflake Obsidian stretchy bracelet
  • Stilbite
  • Serpentine
  • Quartz
  • Fluorite
  • Chrysocolla
  • Pyrite
  • Black Jade
  • Green Jasper

The Onyx in the bracelet is a reminder of the structure Capricorns crave. It is an extra boost to stay centered and grounded. The snowflake obsidian will assist in letting go of obsolete ideas and really help one dive deep into the shadow to shine light. The bracelet is a reminder of your own inner authority and depth of strength this earthy Cardinal sign has.

Stilbite is a perfect stone for Capricorn’s to find movement in tension. Find the space in areas that seem tight. The stone assist in the ability to see beyond their own ideals and find the bigger picture in situations.

A hard working Capricorn can use Serpentine to tap into the karmic wisdom. The stone brings truth in a way where other people can trust the inherent wisdom of the earthy Capricorn. The green Serpentine is perfect gentle grounding stone and really shows the potency of the physical realm and how Capricorn’s utilize the here and now on earth.

The universal Quartz is a perfect stone to assist in all areas of your life. Clarity in yourself is always important in making decisions. Quartz will program to what needs attention and allow growth.

Fluorite will help you let go on areas in your life that are tight for control. It will bring less judgment to any voice of authority. Fluorite is a perfect heart opener too.

Chrysocolla will help Capricorns be less touchy when they receive advise or find more grace when they make a mistake. Capricorns are very hard on themselves so this will help ease that pressure they put on themselves. It will also help them in moments when it’s important to keep silent or when to speak.

Pyrite is a perfect stone for inner investigation. It will helps open your mind to the endless potential of your gifts.

Black Jade reminds a Capricorn on the strength it has to process the shadow. It is a powerful stone that transmutes self limitations.

And last, the a green Jasper is a perfect stone to soften a Capricorns heart. Allowing them to find peace with their emotions. It brings lightness into experiencing emotions, and it allows a Capricorn to honor the emotions that come through, and not ignore them.


Our little earthy Capricorns will find so much use and Beauty in this bundle set!!




All crystals will be cleansed before they are shipped.


This set will have this information sent as well so they will know how to use and honor these crystal.




🌿Garden Gypsy🌿