Clear Quartz Crystal Standing point

  • $22.22

Stunning Standing Clear Quartz from a special hand picked collection we are excited to share. They are wonderful stones to use in your grids, altars & intentional decor around the home. They also can be helpful tools for drawing energy out of the body & revitalizing your own inner clarity.

Clear Quartz seems to always be a favorite to work with, in every phase of our crystal learning journey. 

<< Q U A R T Z >> is a stone of clarity and amplification. it highlights and inspires you to clearly manifest your hearts desires. it helps cleanse the energetic field~ it also increases memory & mental awareness.

+ Amplifying~ cleansing~ purification ~ healing~ clarity~ programmable crystal.

+ Connects to all the chakras


All crystalline packages are crafted and wrapped with care for their travels & they also inlcude a special intuitive gift from us. 

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