Deep Woods Aroma Mist // natural essential oils

  • $12.22

DEEP WOODS AROMA MIST and Grounding spray
~ 100% natural non toxic body spray made with essential oils 

Oils in this blend
+ Cedarwood
+ Black Spruce
+ Vetiver
+ rosemary 
+ Patchouli

all the best woodsy smells in a bottle!!

hehe for real though this is amazing for men or women. its a universal natural smell and can be used as a room or body spray~ this has probably been our most popular request in the past too! 

GROUND, CONNECT and REFLECT with Deep Woods 


comes in a 2oz green glass bottle 
also includes the recipe and description of the blend for you to keep 

~~ package will also include a special gift of gratitude from garden gypsy! ~~ 


and when your done with the bottle if your interested in refilling it yourself and being able to make your own essential oils at home please feel free to reach out and connect! we would be happy to assist you in starting your own collection of oils. 

visit our doterra website to shop these oils in this blend directly 

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