Dendritic Agate // sterling silver pendant // white cord

  • $34.44

{D E N D R I T I C : A G A T E }

This beautiful intricate mineral always has a story to  tell with its pictures inside. It almost looks like moss growing ✨

: necklace made with soft white cord and a clasp around the neck. Pendant is 100% sterling silver ✨

: lays higher than the heart and closer to the neck line depending on your size ~ 


It connects to the element of earth and stabilizing the energy. It represents growth and wisdom. Physically it helps support the body, it assists in healing & balance. Helpful for low self esteem and addictive behavior. It helps clear & release self destructive patterns~ It also Encourages honesty and clarity.

very beautiful helpful stone for self development 🌾


comes home with the healing properties to keep!

and a gift of gratitude