Elemental Flower Perfume Set

  • $20.00

The four elements coming together
to harmonize your { s p i r i t } 
for a full elemental aroma
bliss state ~ 

Oil set includes 4 (5ml) flower perfumes
& 1 Angel Aura Quartz point crystal


to ground & connect
This aroma is earthy , sensual & lovely
Infused with tigers eye gemstones 

A I R :

to awaken the vision~ 

Aroma is bright and uplifting ~ stimulating the higher mind and intuitive essence. made with clear quartz crystals to amplify mental clarity and manifestation


WATER : to let go & flow

made with calming aromas to soothe the emotions and help you find that flow state ~ infused with blue lace agate & lavender buds


to inspire the fire of passion

sultry and passionate this aroma is delicious in every aspect~ embodying the essence of our true life force energy ~ infused  with rose petals 

*Angel Aura* for activating the light body & high vibrational essence. also helpful for connecting to your inner spiritual guidance. 


+ Set will also include a copy of the handmade card with the elemental mantras explained above. 

~ enjoy this lovely bundle of magic!!