EMF Protection & Stress Relief Bundle // Hematite Bracelet with Shungite & Black Tourmaline

  • $25.55

3 powerful minerals come together in this bundle for emf protection, grounding, stress relief & purification.

: h e m a t i t e : • grounding the energy, stimulating focus and clarity, cleansing the blood and body of toxins. Perfect to wear when you are tending to an abundance of technology ~

: s h u n g i t e : • helpful for absorbing emf waves from phones, screens, 5g, toxicity~ made up of 98% carbon so it is super helpful for purifying. Bring this by your electronic devices for protection

: b l a c k . T o u r m a l i n e : • the ultimate protection stone. Helpful for cleansing and clearing emf smog & negative energy. Helps relieve stress, and keep a positive mindset grounded in your actions. 


comes with the healing properties to keep!

bracelet is a size medium