Epidote Mineral // From Mali, South Africa

  • $66.00

EPIDOTE >> A unique stunning specimen from Mali South Africa We had picked each of these from the mine right owners who were such beautiful women that truly touched our hearts. these crystals were on our crystal wish lists for years! Epidote is usually found grown with mostly prehnite sharing form with it~~ these particular minerals are the most divinely grown Epidotes we've personally come across <3 This one is really beautifully grown with little wings coming off it like a faerie! Epidote is a powerful healing crystal that will bring irrevocable change into your world when consciously worked with. HEALING PROPERTIES + Releasing negativity + Embracing positive patterns + Attraction of what one emanates + it teaches one to raise the vibration of ones thoughts, words & actions. + lovingingly reveals where one is holding negative patterns + releases patterns of negativity from the emotional body. + overcoming hopelessness & depressed emotional states + creates a sense of optimism measurements : coming soon ::: :::: :::: :::: :::: ::: all crystals come home to you fully cleansed, with a special note of its healing properties for you to keep. Thanks for looking at our crystalline garden love, Cas & LouLOu