Flower of Life 18k GOLD Sacred Geometry Grid

  • $35.00

You are the eternal flower of life unfolding ~ 

This listing is for one 4" x 4 " sacred 18k gold plated brass grid 

+ use this grid to amplify your intentions 
+ you can charge your crystals, water, jewelry, words of intention, etc. with this powerful energetic tool.
+ place this grid in your sacred space or on your alter to amplify positive vibrations
+ You can also use this grid in chakra balancing for amplifying and conducting to specific energy points. 


The Flower of Life is one of the basic sacred geometry shapes. It starts with the Seed of Life in the center heart, which is 7 overlapping circles that build outward forming a flower-like pattern.
This natural circular symbol has been found carved on ancient items, temples, and art in many different cultures around the world.
One of the oldest flower of life symbols was found craved on granite at The Temple of Osiris in Abydos, Egypt.
We know this ancient symbol is the same pattern that all human life begins with!! The cell division and growth of a human being starts with one cell, that splits into two, that keeps going, building on top of one another, folding within and without... Creation! The Build Blocks of Life!! 
The Flower of Life symbol is the basic template for everything in existence.  It is a organic symbol of creation and can remind us of the unity of everything~! We are all built from the same blueprint: we are one within: and one without~ we are the flowering of life!! 
This sacred natural symbol contains other sacred symbols including :: The Egg, The Fruit, & The Seed of Life, Vesica Piscis, Tree of Life, & the Metatron Cube. 


this beautiful grid will come home to you with a few little quartz crystals to get you started making your own crystal energy grid! 

+ if you have any questions about this product please feel free to message us!