Libyan Golden Tektite Ring // Sterling silver size 9.5

  • $133.33

Super RARE Libyan Gold Tektite Sterling silver ring 

if you like Moldavite then you will love golden Tektite ✨ this stone is a high vibrational transformer of energies 

 This is a pure silica tektite believed to be created from a meteorite that impacted the earth over 26 million years ago. It occurred over the Sahara Desert in what is now western Egypt. 
The healing properties include transformation and powerful enhancing energies that connect to the solar plexus & third eye chakras. It brings rebirth energy & more personal will power / control over your life. 🌟

This ring is a sturdy sterling silver and made in size 9.5

we will include the stone info & a gift of gratitude in your package too!