Ground, Cleanse & Amplify crystal set // hematite, copper & selenite

  • $40.00

3 powerful minerals coming together to bring purification, grounding & amplification. 

In this set you will get one bulbous hematite from Morocco, one Michigan UP copper stone, & 4 selenite wands from morocco 



•cleansing & purifying the body, calming and grounding in the energy and focus. 
• connects to the root chakra bringing you energetic stability
•helps release energies that are destabilizing
•hematite can cleanse toxic emotions from the body and clear away feelings of anxiety, worry and fear.


• a natural conductor and powerful blood purifier
• copper will amplify thoughts and send healing energy throughout the body
•this mineral is here to remove negative energy in the body
•Common belief to this day is that Copper protects the blood against disease by supporting the blood's healing powers.


• a calming stone that instills deep peace
• this stone is excellent for internal spiritual work and for physical healing of the body as well
•it clears confusion and aids in one seeing the bigger picture
•it aligns the aura and cleanses blockages and impurities from your energy field


this potent combo of crystals can be used in a variety of ways ~ for physical healing and meditation, for energetic space clearing and protection, for intentional work, whatever you feel aligned with.

we just wanted to inspire you to use these crystals together as we have in our own inner practice🌟


crystals will come with the healing properties and intentional ideas to keep ~ as well as a little garden gypsy love gift from us!!

Shipping will be flat rate priority to ensure the fastest and safest delivery home to you!! 

thanks for looking at our garden 🧚‍♀️