Healing & protection bundle // kyanite Quartz, black kyanite, labradorite, prehnite, peach selenite

  • $30.00

Healer protection bundle made for the empathic souls 

stone bundle includes

BLACK KYANITE - the aura vacuum cleaner, removes blockages , grounds energy, protects the aura from other energies

QUARTZ & BLUE KYANITE - cleansing & aligning the chakras, auric bridge for spiritual communication, amplifies memory & connection to spirit. 

PEACH SELENITE - soft gentle passion & creativity, confidence, joy & playfulness. Confidence & action 

LABRADORITE - magical synchronicity, aura protection & psychic activator, feeling protected in your unique energy & purpose & opening up the inner awareness

PREHNITE - the healers stone, empathic, heart opening, gentle emotional and spiritual healing. Paired with epidote to amplify your greatest focus to come to light & embody the lessons with ease & grace. 

These stones come home to you in a little box and include the metaphysical properties to keep. 

Each package comes with a gift of gratitude 🧚‍♀️