Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystal : perfect double terminated

  • $48.44

One of a kind perfect crystalline Herkimer Diamond Quartz mined from Herikimer, New York✨

this shape is perfectly double terminated 💎



{ H E R K I M E R : D I A M O N D } Super high vibe quartz crystal ~ Said to be the most powerful in the quartz family. They are super clear, perfectly shaped with inclusions of rainbows, giving them that diamond essence ✨

• it acts as powerful attunement stone & it can be strong in amplifying intentions and manifesting with Ultra clarity~

• it acts a great stone to use on the body in healing & reiki for amplified spiritual connection in energy healing/downloads

• it’s energy vibrates with all the chakras and assists in cleansing the aura Field 

• herkimer diamonds are fun to program specific intentions into! When you get the crystal you can cleanse the energy and focalize on what it is your intending


*Weight: coming soon


comes home safely packed to you with the crystal information & a small gift from us!


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