Big Crystal Set // kyanite, apophyllite, citrine, lepidolite & celestite

  • $99.00

This is one dreamy combination of crystals we were called to bring together and create a special set 🌟

each one of these crystals holds a unique energy imprint that is improving the self reflection and spiritual evolution.



•soothes feelings of anxiety and stress

•inter-dimensional awareness

•activating the inner visions (( crown and third eye chakras ))

•connection to higher guides and angels

•can dispel energy of the ‘dark night of the soul’ and assist one in returning to your spiritual path after difficulty or disconnection 

• gaining divine perspective

• infuses the aura with high vibrational light energy 

KYANiTE with Garnet 

• aura cleansing and purification

• increasing passion and life force

• clearing energy blockages
• chakra alignment 
• bridging the spiritual and physical
• connecting your communication with confidence


• increasing positive energy
• resonates with the sacral and solar plexus chakras
• amplifying creative expression and confidence
• will power // intuitive manifestation 
• mental clarity and increases focus


• releasing anxiety and stress
• increases positive self reflection
• emotional healing and balance

•activates the throat heart and  third eye chakras 

• clearing blockages and bringing down cosmic energy  


C E L E S I T E 
+ Access to higher dimensions.
+ calming & peaceful.
+ angelic protection.
+ dreamwork & inner visions
Connected to the WIND element.
Aligned with the Third Eye & Crown Chakra.


crystal set comes with the healing properties and a garden gypsy gift of gratitude 🧚‍♀️


shipping will be flat rate priority so it arrives safest and quickest!!