Kambaba Jasper Palm Stone

  • $24.00

<< K A M B A B A J A S P E R >> +Calming & Tranquil +Supporting one during changes +Deepening the connection to Earth +Soothing the chaos in thoughts +Pulling and bring out Ancient truths +Spiral cleansing feels (from the Orbital markings) +Finding more ground in the physical +from Madagascar +Earth Element +Root Chakra This listing is for the magical piece of Kambaba pictured above. The perfect sized palm piece for crystal layout or alters. Blessings from the Moon and the Stars ..<< Stephy Lou & Mama Cas >>.. +G a r d e n G y p s y C o l l e c t i v e+ ::<<::>>::<<::>>::<<::>>::>>:: S t a y I n T o u c h our instagram is @ GardenGypsy_Collective search Garden Gypsy Collective on Facebook www.gardengypsycollective.com sign up for our newsletter here -->> http://eepurl.com/bMiejL get 10% off any teeki order here -->> http://mbsy.co/teeki/32036661 ::<<::>>::<<::>>::<<::>>::>>::