Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth 18k Gold Grid

  • $35.00

Double Sided laser cut in amazing detail in Brass & plated in pure 18k Gold!! One side features a beautiful, devotional image of the Goddess Lakshmi. And the other side features a wonderful Lakshmi Yantra. 


(( Lakshmi )) is the hindu goddess of wealth, good fourtune, youth & beauty. Lakshmi is the embodiment of divine feminine energy. She purifies, uplifts & empowers us. She is also the personification of kundalini / life force and spirit connection. Her arms signify purity, prosperity, perfection & freedom. The gold coins flowing from her hand represent endless prosperity. And her Right hand symbolizes blessing/ assurance of safety.

use this grid in your sacred space for attracting more prosperity & abundance. or you can use it in your healing / yoga practice to infuse the space with more beauty, purity & upliftment. You can also use it as an energy charging plate for certain things like jewelry, crystals, or water. 



listing is for ONE golden Lakshmi Grid 

measures to be 4'' x 4'' 

( the exact crystals in the photo are not included with the grid. that is just an example of ways you can be creative with it! ) 

+ we will include a few small crystals intuitively chosen to get you started with your grid as a gift of gratitude from garden gypsy collective!