Large Malachite from Congo South Africa

  • $133.00

Big beautiful Bulls Eye Malachite from Conto south  Africa~

potent, protective & powerful vibrant green mineral
~ honored for thousands of years by many cultures for its healing.  

• M a l a c h i t e • 

+ conductive healing mineral for the body. 

+ amplifies unconditional love & heart healing.

+ absorbs negative energy and pollutants in the body and in the environment.

+ guards against radiation & electronic devices.

+ malachite has to be cleansed often to work optimally

+ stone of transformation- assists one in changing situations.

+ clears and activates the chakras~


weight: 2.5 lb


comes home cleansed with love & gratitude by Garden Gypsy
+ also comes with a palo santo gift to cleanse its energy often