Large Natural Quartz Point // From Brazil

  • $88.00

Crystal  C L E A R • Q U A R T Z  point
{from Brazil} 

this little big quartz point is pretty special to us. This batch of Brazil Quartz felt super exciting to pick out. We got it directly from the Brazilian family that hand picked them all from their mine. Each Crystal has a story to tell and this one is just full of good energy! 

:: quartz is super amplifying of intentions and energy

:: it brings clarity and cleansing to the mental, physical & emotional planes. 

:: it can help in any kind of healing you program it to align with.

:: It aids concentration and unlocks memory. 

:: Stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. 

this quartz is perfect to use in meditation, intentional grids, reiki & massage. 

•• crystal comes home to you cleansed and charged 

•• also includes information on the crystal to keep 

& probably (most def) a surprise gift from 

Garden Gypsy 🥰💕🧚‍♀️💎✨