Pink Lepidolite Crystal bracelet // resizable

  • $33.00

Pink Lepidolite crystal Bracelet made to fit wrist sizes 6.5-7.5” with a Sterling silver clasp that adjusts easilyΒ 

usually we only see lepidolite in purple, but when it’s extra crystallized it can grow in shades of magenta and pink πŸ’—



A β€œstone of transition”, Lepidolite assists in the release and reorganisation of old behavioural and psychological patterns, gently inducing change. Β 

✩ 𝑑𝑒𝑒𝑝 π‘’π‘šπ‘œπ‘‘π‘–π‘œπ‘›π‘Žπ‘™ β„Žπ‘’π‘Žπ‘™π‘–π‘›π‘”Β 

✩ π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘‘π‘’π‘π‘’π‘  π‘ π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘ π‘  οΌ† π‘›π‘’π‘”π‘Žπ‘‘π‘–π‘£π‘–π‘‘π‘¦

✩ π‘Žπ‘π‘‘π‘–π‘£π‘Žπ‘‘π‘’π‘  π‘‘β„Žπ‘’ π‘‘β„Žπ‘Ÿπ‘œπ‘Žπ‘‘οΌŒβ„Žπ‘’π‘Žπ‘Ÿπ‘‘οΌŒοΌ† π‘‘β„Žπ‘–π‘Ÿπ‘‘ 𝑒𝑦𝑒 Β π‘β„Žπ‘Žπ‘˜π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘ Β 

✩ π‘’π‘›π‘π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿπ‘Žπ‘”π‘’π‘  𝑠𝑒𝑙𝑓 π‘™π‘œπ‘£π‘’οΌŒ π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘ π‘‘ οΌ† 𝑖𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑝𝑒𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑛𝑐𝑒 


ᴄᴏᴍᴇs Κœα΄α΄α΄‡ α΄‘Ιͺα΄›Κœ α΄›Κœα΄‡ Κœα΄‡α΄€ΚŸΙͺΙ΄Ι’ α΄˜Κ€α΄α΄˜α΄‡Κ€α΄›Ιͺᴇs ᴛᴏ α΄‹α΄‡α΄‡α΄˜

α΄€Ι΄α΄… α΄€Ι΄ ΙͺΙ΄α΄›α΄œα΄›ΙͺΙͺα΄ α΄‡ΚŸΚ α΄„Κœα΄sᴇɴ Ι’Ιͺκœ°α΄› ᴏꜰ Ι’Κ€α΄€α΄›Ιͺα΄›α΄œα΄…α΄‡ β™•


all jewelry is promised a lifetime of FREE care and repair if anything accidentally happens or it just needs a refresh in a few years.Β 

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