Mermaid of the mind and heart // Apatite & Rhodochrosite necklace

  • $70.00

Extra Long garden gypsy one of a kind necklace ~ 
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Bubbly blue Apatite gemstones & perfectly pink Rhodochrosite coin beads. Paired with silver spacers & a soft brown suede cord that wraps all the way around the neck. 

this is the perfect long layering necklace to add into your collection. it feels so good when you put it on~ like your worries just float away from your mind, like little bubbles. then when the bubbles pop.. your heart feels lighter, brighter & gratitude! 

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+ emotional healing
+ releasing stress
+ clarity of the mind
+ cleansing the aura 
+ bringing inspiration to your visions

+ this lovely gemstone combo brings uplifting energy to the mind and the heart space~ helping you feel lighter, brighter & inspired to keep visioning towards your dreams. 

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+ all GGC jewelry comes with a lifetime offer of care & repair. just keep our card/ info! we always love keeping in touch with our customers~ we can always freshen up old jewelry you bought in the past too~ we know that if you wear it everyday it might need a little tune up over time ;) 


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