Milky White Wisdom Quartz Standing point

  • $17.77

beautiful milky Quartz point from Brazil āœØšŸ’«

The milky appearance is caused by many bubbles of un-solidified Quartz
Ā solution floating in the crystal. Scientists have recently discovered a way of storing terabytes of information in a single one of these bubbles, so think just how much information is packed into these crystals! This information is constantly being released, and in some cases, gathered up as well. When these beautiful crystals come in contact with the right guardian, it triggers a large release of information into the ethers. This information is then released into the general Consciousness.Ā 

<Quartz is such a wonderful stone to work with>

+ clarity + memory + intuition + manifestation +


Measures to be about two inches

perfect for using in grids & intentional decor around your spaceĀ 

comes with the healing properties to keep!