Natural Citrine Point from Brazil

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<< C I T R I N E >>
This beautiful crystal clear point of Citrine is from Brazil and from one of our favorite batches we have ever gotten!! This is one of the largest specimens from the batch and is mostly focused on the facet point from a medium sized crystal body - it's super fun and unique to look at in the light! and You can find many rainbow manifestations if you look close!

Citrine is a personal power stone.
It connects with the solar plexus energy center on the body- which activates your will power and confidence center. Citrine brings positive energy to people who work with it- feeling like its almost a little sunshine in your life. It can be a rejuvinating stone for some- and activate the creativity center, helping you find the creativity to act upon your ideas in the world. It inspires us that we should be confident in our unique creative beat we bring to the world and that shining that light out is extremely helpful for the core of your being.


this stone measures to about 2'' across and 2.75'' long
it weighs 5.2 oz

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if you want to see more from this batch or more photos of this piece please message us!

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