ONE Iridescent Ammonite Fossil From Madagascar

  • $20.00

listing for ONE of these magnificent ancient creature fossils (( Iridescent Ammonite Fossil from Madagascar )) fossilized spiral from a mystical sea creature that lived approx 500 million years ago ~ SO COOL!!! ~~~ we love the energy of these ancient creatures >> the symbol/shape is a sacred geometric pattern found all in nature surrounding us~ connecting us to the infinite spiral of life. ++ ​Ammonite will bring about a circulation of energy, making you feel more stable, protected, and grounded in your life. ++ Psychologically it stimulates your survival instincts and the knowledge that you will get there if you persevere. ++ ​It can encourage you to seek and achieve personal power in your life. ++ lt activates personal empowerment and the spiritual will. ++ converts negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral. message us if one in the photo is specifically calling to you and we will make sure you get it~ they are all currently still available :) Love & Light Garden Gypsy Collective <3