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ORTHOCERAS fossil //  from Morocco 

just a few hundred million year old squid that fossilized.. NBD :) hehe. actually it is a big deal (to us) and super awesome to see & add to your collection!! they really feel like they have a story to tell. 

O R T H O C E R A S : is an ancient mollusk that lived in the Ordovician period. At that time, the earth was mostly covered in water. It had a soft squid-like body inside a cone shell. Over time, its aragonite shell turned into calcite and fossilized.


for some people they are collector specimens but they can also be used for their healing properties as well. 


this little creature was living in a world that looked much different than ours does today. By meditating with this fossil’s energy, you may feel a connection to that ancient Earth energy and all the knowledge that it contains. This stone will offer up an abundance of life force energy which can be used in areas where we need it most. 


approximately 1.5 inches long


comes home with information on the fossil & packaged up with love from garden gyspy collective!