Pietersite Gemstone Ring // Sterling Silver band // size 8.5

  • $55.00

Deep dark blue waves and shimmers of light 


P I E T E R S I T E + is such a unique stone and one that is rare to come by in our jewelry collection! 

this one of a kind ring is a size 8.5


energy properties include
* protection
* calms the nerves
* boosts self esteem
* support and strength 

~ great for creative people who lack confidence in their abilities 

the sterling band on this ring is thick and durable ~ perfect if you work with your hands and you like to wear rings everyday still!




we will shine it once before we send it off in a magical little package to you and be sure to include a little gratitude gift +



also if you know your ring size and want to see more options please message us on Instagram we can send photos of specifics in your size!