Pink Faerie Rainbow aura necklace // angel aura & labradorite

  • $40.00

The perfect necklace for a pink rainbow aura faerie spirit ~ 100% one of a kind design from garden gypsy ~ that means we can't promise we can make it again with supplies we have. everything we create is unique and intuitive, which is what makes it so special! each piece finds the perfect energetic fit when its right. 

once upon a time their was a pink rainbow aura faerie from a far far away land.. inside of a pink flower blossom ~ if you look close enough inside the flower you will see a twinkling rainbow portal to where they are from. this necklace holds this vibration of the pink rainbow aura faeries and it assists you in opening  your heart to the deepest core. it brings dreams and visions to light for you to manifest in all your magic... 


• Amplifying personal magic

• intuitive connection 

• aura activation 

• powerful protection 


aLl jewelry from garden gypsy comes with a lifetime offering of care & repair 🧞‍♀️