Pisces Bundle Set

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Pisces Bundle Set ♓️🤍

Birthday’s from February 19 - March 20
A water sign
The Fishes
Intuitively gifted 


This set includes

  • Selenite wand
  • Blue Calcite
  • Kyanite
  • Lepidolite
  • Amethyst
  • Bloodstone Jasper
  • Quartz & Labradorite bracelet
  • Plus quartz point not pictured


Selenite is a perfect stone for a Pisces because it facilitates a union with the divine and illuminates your souls pathway.  Selenite is a cleanser and a clarity stone. It helps clear thought patterns and really help a universal pisces to find divine truth and share that knowledge.

Pisces are so loving and open it’s important to find their voice. Blue Calcite is a perfect stone to help find their voice and speak it while keeping their heart open. It will help one to set boundaries and speak the truth in the moment.

Kyanite will help a whimsical Pisces find logical and linear thoughts while still keeping their spiritual awareness. Pisces need Kyanite to help express even when they don’t think they need to because not everyone is as intuitive as a Pisces or can “read peoples thoughts.”

Lepidolite will help them to stand in their own space and be freed from the influence of others. Lepidolite also will help a Pisces overcome emotional dependence and control the watery feelings they might have.

Amethyst is a February Pisces’s birthstone. It will help all Pisces though. Amethyst will assist one to navigate through imagination and everyday reality. Amethyst will bring a sense of safety with their boundaries set and help block absorbing with peoples energies. Pisces are intuitive and sensitive and it’s important to use amethyst to cleanse from others ideals.

Bloodstone Jasper is the perfect grounding stone for a Pisces. It’s a perfect stone to keep undesirable influences away and still stimulating your dreams. Bloodstone will encourage selflessness and helps a Pisces be present in the moment. Pisces tend to escape into a fantasy world and bloodstone will help handle the harshness of being present.

The last gemstone in this bundle is a quartz crystal. (Not pictured) It will help a Pisces find peace with their choices and not find victimhood. Quartz will help in all areas that need assistance.

A beautiful stretchy Quartz and Labradorite bracelet is also in this bundle. Labradorite stimulates your Intution while staying grounded and present. It will help a Pisces link their esoteric knowledge to their everyday reality.

This bundle set will be shipped with an information sheet to give to the Pisces. Of course it will be cleansed before shipped as well.


Thanks so much for the love and support


Garden Gypsy Girls