Raw Blue Kyanite from Brazil

  • $10.00

Small little chunk of Blue Kyanite from Brazil
~ hand picked by the family that owns the land!


~~>> K Y A N I T E  : H E A L I N G <<~~
Immerse yourself deeply into full alignment with your highest self.
Blue Kyanite is a very powerful stone to physically, mentally, & spiritually align to your personal truth. It assures you with more confidence and clarity in your communications. We personally love kyanite because it helps us feel centered and more focused in reality on our moments that assist us in our highest growth. It is a great stone to lay directly on the body after massages (lay on the spine) to receive a full auric cleanse and chakra recharge. Or  you can just hold the small intention with it to receive more alignment and clarity on the synchronicity unfolding for you in your divine unfoldment. <3


measures about 2" 


perfect to use in energy grids & sacred alters

+ comes home with information and healing properties to keep & a small gift of gratitude from Garden Gypsy