Rose Quartz

  • $25.00

This Rose Quartz is a perfect display crystal. It is on discount because it doesn’t have a super sturdy bottom. It has a rough part and wasn’t sliced perfectly, so it is not perfect straight. It has never fallen over where I had placed it. (See the picture with the wood shelf next to other pink crystals) It has been perfectly standing up leaning against the wall without fail. Either way it is a beautiful chunk of Rose Quartz that will bring its radiant love to any space. 
Rose Quartz for is a must have for us at Garden Gypsy. We love it’s softness. It will assist everyone to find more ease and grace in their hearts expression. It is the perfect love stone that helps heal in all aspects of self love and giving out love. 

It is 4 1/4 inch tall and 1 1/2 inch wide

weighs 1 lb 12 oz. 

Cleansed and Cared for <3 

With Love

Cas & Lou