Sagittarius Bundle set

  • $55.00

This bundle was made specifically for those born between November 22-December 21


The Archer  
The Adventurer 

This bundle includes 
• raw Apatite
• Azurite
• Blue Chalcedony Agate
• yellow Fluorite
• Labradorite
• Lodolite Quartz
• Red Calcite
• Smoky Quartz Necklace

Sagittarius has a wild heart- following the next adventure after the next. With the Raw Apatite it will help one focus on the happiness within. The self realization that what you need has always been inside. Apatite strengthens the intuition and it is a perfect stone to find truth within and not without. 

Azurite is a perfect stone for a Sagittarius because it’s able to assist in expressing their needs and communicating with purpose. Reminding one self that each individual has a tone, timing, truth and to live with less judgment. Azurite raises the consciousness in all aspects of our life.

Blue Chalcedony Agate will help the Sagittarius to not suppress their feelings. This gentle stone will encourage slow and safe self-expression. Sagittarius sometimes blurt feelings out after not expressing them for awhile. This will help assist in talking about feelings with a calm manner. 

The yellow Fluorite tower is a perfect stone for Sagittarius to stay in your own power and be strong with their will. It helps focus on the abilities, not the downfalls. The color Yellow will make sure the inner fire stays in control. 

Sagittarius can be the eternal seekers of knowledge.  Labradorite will connect one to their resources and gifts they can bring to the world. Sagittarius can sometimes be a spiritual mentor to others, labradorite will protect that power and help their great knowledge be of use. Labradorite can be the power stone for our fiery Sag’s!!

Lodolite is a quartz with inclusions and it is perfect for a Sagittarius to find clarity from all their experiences. Sagittarius’s life story makes up who they are, it is perfect because they are able to share that with others. They have excitement that is clearly seen by others and others tend to want to experience that fun energy Sagittarius’s give off. 

Red Calcite grounds the Sagittarius fire and help one remove blockages that prevent them from stepping forward in life. Red Calcite is perfect to stay committed and focused. 

The beautiful Smoky Quartz necklace is made with black leather and will slip right over your head.
The clear vision, the fun search of the ultimate meaning, and the answer to life’s greatest questions can be available when working with Smoky Quartz. It’s dreamy but clear. The answers can be found! The adventure is always there for the Sagittarius to dive into. 


This beautiful hand picked out Sag set is intentionally made with love.


We love you
Garden Gypsy Collective